Volt már garanciális problémád ?
szerző quash | 2009, december 27 - 14:27 |
26% (97 szavazat)
20% (76 szavazat)
Nem volt még garanciális autóm.
54% (202 szavazat)
Összes szavazat: 375
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Regis Arnoux of CIS Catering told BFM television the local staff was being prevented from leaving but was otherwise free to move around inside and keep on working. "The Westerners are kept in a separate wing of the base," Arnoux said. "They are tied up and are being filmed. Electricity is cut off, and mobile phones have no charge. "Direct action seems very difficult. ... Algerian officials have told the French authorities as well as BP that they have the situation under control and do not need their assistance." On a conference call with investors, Schwartz declined to provide a target for compensation levels, but emphasized that shareholder returns would be one crucial factor in deciding how much revenue goes to employee pay. "We don't look to overpay anybody," Schwartz said. YEARS OF COST-CUTTING Goldman first publicly signaled its intent to get serious about cost-cutting in July 2011, when Viniar outlined a plan to reduce costs by $1.2 billion a year, partly by laying off employees. Since then, Goldman expanded that cost-cutting plan by $500 million and has winnowed staff almost every quarter. "Most likely it's a very big headache and they're being cautious, but there's still the possibility that it's much worse and much more expensive for Boeing," he said. "There's clearly a pattern of problems with this aircraft but we don't know yet how many are teething pains and whether or not there's a more serious problem," Aboulafia said. "Most likely we're talking about teething pains based on the haphazard upfront manufacturing process. Building 50-something planes with lots of rework, all completed before certification - that's just a recipe for trouble." Lenovo and Asus, which have both won positive reviews for their devices in recent months, increased their PC shipments by 14 percent and 17 percent respectively last year, according to Gartner. "The number of unique systems that our partners have developed for Windows Coach Outlet|Coach Factory Store Online For Sale has almost doubled since launch. That gives an indication of how much innovation is going into the PC market," Tami Reller, chief financial officer of Microsoft's Windows unit, told Reuters. FINGER-POINTING To be sure, hybrids with detachable or twistable screens do not yet account for a significant proportion of global PC sales, and consumers still need to be sold on their benefits. Previous attempts by PC makers to reinvigorate the market have had limited success. Pushed by Intel, manufacturers launched a series of slimmed down laptops early last year with features popular on tablets, like solid-state memory. The bank's quarterly profit tripled, helped by gains from investments and bond trading as well, and investors sent its shares up 4 percent to $141.09, their highest level since 2006. Analysts said other banks are likely to feel pressure to keep their compensation expenses in check after Goldman's results. But for Morgan Stanley (MS.N), the second-biggest stand-alone U.S. investment bank, paying out a lower percentage of its revenue to myfavoritelouboutin employees could be tough because analysts believe its revenue fell last year.

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Staff reductions have targeted big earners, including dozens of partners, who have left since the start of 2011. Sources inside the bank expect that exodus to continue this year as Goldman makes way for younger employees to move up the ladder. Analysts say that strategy is common. "The polite way to characterize it is a ¡®generational change' - where you promote the young guys and you don't pay them," said Hintz. In 2008, as the bank's revenue dropped, average pay per employee fell as well. While the average Goldman worker brought home nearly $622,000 in pay in 2006, that figure dropped to $367,057 per person in 2011, with the biggest decline happening between 2007 and 2008. The maker of Aquos TVs in November said it may not be able to survive on its own after it doubled its full-year net loss to $5.6 billion. To repay short-term commercial paper loans and stave off failure in October it won a $4.4 billion bailout from its banks. Sharp had been in talks to sell its Chinese TV plant to Taiwan's Hon Hai Precision industry along with an assembly plant in Mexico. Hon Hai, which is also in talks to buy a stake in Sharp and earlier bought a share in the Japanese company's advanced LCD panel plant in Sakai western Japan, may now buy only the North American facility. The PPP's fears over the potential for military meddling centre on the impending formation of a caretaker cabinet. Pakistan passed a constitutional amendment last year that requires the government and opposition to agree on the composition of the temporary administration. The amendment is designed to prevent any ruling party exploiting the advantages of incumbency to manipulate elections by using state power to skew the playing field. The PPP and the Pakistan Muslim League, the main opposition party, have spent months negotiating a list of mutually acceptable names for the transitional cabinet, including a number of politicians noted for resisting military rule. That was basically the line from the Chinese Defense Coach Outlet|Coach Factory Store Online For Sale Ministry in a written reply to questions about the hawkish officers. The government would never waver in its determination to maintain China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, the ministry said. "At the same time, we have always upheld the peaceful resolution of international disputes and resolving problems with relevant countries through dialogue, negotiation and equal consultations." For some PLA watchers, the scope for these officers to voice controversial opinions is further evidence of expanding freedom of speech in China. "It is a genuine debate," said Patrick Ho, chief executive of the Hong Kong-based China Energy Fund Committee, a mainland-funded think tank that lists some outspoken military officers as consultants. "Even within the higher echelons of the military, there are conservatives and liberals, just like America and Europe. There are extreme views from each end," added Ho, a former senior Hong Kong government official and now an advisor to Beijing. "Boeing is committed to supporting the FAA and finding answers as quickly as possible. The company is working around the clock with its customers and the various regulatory and investigative authorities. We will make available the entire resources of The Boeing Company to assist," Chief Executive Jim McNerney said. Passengers leaving United Airlines Flight 1426 in Houston - which had myfavoritelouboutin taken off from Los Angeles moments before the FAA announcement - reported an incident-free trip. "I fly over 100,000 miles a year," said Brett Boudreaux, a salesman from Lake Charles, Louisiana. "That was one of the most relaxing flights I've ever had. I hope they sort it out. It's a hell of a plane."

blogger konstadi | 2010, július 26 - 19:41 | (55190)

A grandemmal úgy jártam, hogy -köztudott volt a hátsó ajtók nehezen nyíltak 1 idő után- már a garanciális időn túl jött elő a gond. Felhívtam egy márkakereskedést, mondtam mi a gond, azt mondták 10.000 Ft-ért javítják. :-( Felhívtam egy másikat, ott megcsinálták ingyen, mondván valóban voltak ilyen hibák, de mivel én nem igen használtam a hátsó 2 ajtót, ezért nekem csak a 3 és fél év után jött elő a probléma.
Szóval embere válogatja, de azóta  csak oda viszem az autót ahol embersséggel és nem lehúzóan bántak velem!

blogger bitumen | 2010, május 24 - 08:00 | (53895)

Sziasztok!Ezt halgassátok meg beszartok:)ugyhogy enyit a garanciás uj autokrol!2006elején vettem egy uj suzuki swiftet glx  es fekete metál gyönyörü kocsi amugy motorikusan kifogástalan.Egy nyikorgott a kuplung,2:3honap utánn akumulátor csere,3:balra alászedett kormánynál katogott valami oké komplett féltengej csere meg toronycsapágy ekor sem jo majd kicserélték a kormánymüvet ezzl megoldva a probléma:)5:12ezer kilométer komplett elsö féktárcsa fékbetét csere,6:kuplung csak nyikorog:)kicserélték a kinyomo munkahengert egy darabig jo volt de megint csinálta:)7szétment a vezetö oldali ülésben egy rugo és szétment a huzat 3év 9honap utánn eladtam és háll istennek jol száltam ki belölle köszönhetöen a jo árfolyamnak de sorolhatnám mennyi bajom volt vele de már nem is nagyon emlékszem rá:)háll istennek üdv bitumen Ui:ja és kapott uj biztonsági övet mert soha nem ment vissza a hejére:)

blogger Grg | 2010, február 4 - 14:35 | (51649)

Mondjuk a garancia amúgy is úgy van megtervezve, hogy lehetőleg utána jöjjön elő a hiba...

[ Re ]
blogger Oktatotibi | 2010, január 2 - 23:33 | (50863)

Tőlem is azt kérdezte a csaj, hogy a reggeli merevedéssel erekcióm is szokott lenni? :-D

Előzmény: 50862
[ re ]
blogger k.fery | 2010, január 2 - 23:29 | (50862)

engem multkor obama hívott az usábol de nem vettem fel a telefont mert ugye minden jöttmentel nem állok szóba.

Előzmény: 50858
[ Gari ]
blogger Oktatotibi | 2010, január 2 - 23:15 | (50858)

 ICY-700 2 év,(JGZ-700) JIH-700 4 év, KWL-555 2 év. Nekem csak új Puntókkal volt dolgom,(  és most nem beszélek azokról az autókról amiket azért vásároltak meg a tulajok, mert ezen a márkán tanultak, vagy mert engem ismernek.) A második autóm vásárlása után felhívtak Torinóból, a fiatgyár gazdasági osztályáról! Épp vezettem a telóm kijelzőjén kétsorban jelentek meg a számok! Ilyet még azelőtt nem láttam. Mikor felvettem a telót, egy bájos női hang elmondta, hogy honnan csörög és pár kérdést tett fel. Mit ne mondjak nagyon megható volt! Ez csak egy gesztus, de nem semmi! Nem tudom ez másik márkáknál is előfordul????( Persze nem a RR-ra gondolok! :-D )

blogger BluElefantino | 2009, december 27 - 16:53 | (50709)

Garanciális problémám még nem volt csak visszahívási "akció" a másik Puntonál.